Rules and Regulations
1. If you want to get ITRA point (100km ITRA 5 points / 50km ITRA 3points), you need to submit a GPS connection to the conference. You cannot pause the watch on the way, and the pause time will also be calculated internally. In addition, if you want to take a photo at a designated location, you need to display the location, person and number bib.
2. No refund of the registration fee will be provided, Race bib is non transferrable
3. We recommend that you have your own personal accident cover.
4. Bib is non transferrable .
5. Participants must complete the whole journey by themselves. Participants can buy drinks/food in shops, restaurants, vendors and vending machines along the way.Refreshments at the WPs are reserved for runners only.
6. Number bid must be visible at all times on the outside of clothing at the front.
7. Participants should follow the route of the conference, and it is strictly forbidden to take other shortcuts. If a participant is found to violate the rules, he will be disqualified.
8. Participants should consider the safety of themselves and others, and should take care of other users of the path at all times. Take extra care when crossing or running on road sections.
Participants confirm that they are in good health, are able to participate in this activity, and sign up if they understand the physical requirements of this activity. If death or injury is caused by this activity, I am willing to bear all accident risks and responsibilities, and agree to host it The organization does not need to bear any responsibility and compensation.