Why are there two timing tags?

Occasionally, a timing tag may get damaged after distribution. Having a second identical timing tag provides insurance that your race times will recorded.

If I cannot run after all, may I pass my number bib on to someone else?

Certainly NOT! We need to know who you are, both for time recording purposes and safety reasons. Racing under another person’s name is a form of cheating. Those involved will be disqualified and blacklisted from other races.

Why is no timing tag code displayed?

Our timing tags are encoded after being attached to the number bibs. This ensures that everything single one of them is working well. It also guards against mismatch between chip codes and race numbers, which can happen with pre-encoded timing tags.

May I keep my number bib?

You may keep your number bib as a souvenir after the race. You may keep the timing tags attached or you may remove and dispose of them at this point.

May I use the timing tags in other races?

The timing tags are for one-time use. They will not be effective in other races.

What is meant by Net Time and Official Time?

Official Time or Gun Time is the time between the sound of the starter’s signal for your race and the time you cross the finish line. Net Time is the time between you actually crossing the start line and the time you cross the finish line. This time is less than or equal to the Official Time and is for personal reference only.