Race Map
100km Virtual GPX: http://tour.mapout.me/o74m0cDaQvWuHBG-i+RV6Q
50km Virtual GPX : http://tour.mapout.me/j3oXrVOQR2W+uBZZ+0upOQ

Traffic to the starting point :
Bus or train to the tai wo station ,and then walk 5 minutes to reach the starting point
Related bus routes : 273C、273P、74A、72、272E、71K、64K、65K、73、73A、74C、74D、

 Self-service supply points & Photo record points (each photo must show the face of the racer and the specified object)
Salomon100/50 Km Challenge

Check Point

Total Distance
Total Distance
Photo record points Self-service supply points

Starting Point

Kam Shek New Village Playground
0km 0km Photo 1 (must with Race Bib) Tai Wo Station/ Kam Shek New Village Café
4km 4km X Wun Yiu Road Store
Lead Mine Pass 6.8km 6.8km X Paid self-service water dispenser
Needle Hill Top 11.4km 11.4km
CP1 Shing Mun 13.3km 13.3km X
16.8km 13.6km X Shing Mun Barbecue Area Site 4
17.9km 14.7km X Pineapple Dam Store

Lung Mun Country Trail
23.2km 19.9km X
24.7km 21.5km X Chuen Lung Store
Tai Mo Shan Kiosk
26.3km 23.km X
Tai Mo Shan Kiosk

Farm Milk Co. Ltd.
33.2km 26.9km  Photo 2
Farm Milk Co. Ltd.
CP3 Tai Mo Shan Country Park Visitor Centre 36.5km 29.8km X Tai Mo Shan Country Park Visitor Centre Store
Sze Fong Pavilion 42.1km 35.7km X
CP4 Ng Tung Chai 45.8km 39.3km X
Pak Tai To Yan 51.6km 42.8km X

CP5 Fung Ying Seen Koon (Wu Tip Shan Trail) 55.3km 50km Photo 3 Fanling Railway Station Convenience Store. Photo : Wu Tip Shan Trail
Lung Shan 59.1km X X
62.7km X X Barbecue Site - Drink vending machine
CP6 San Uk Tsai
64.1km X X
CP7 Bride's Pool Road 75.2km X X
77km X X Drink vending machine
78.8km X X Ying Kai Tea House close at 4pm
Song Bo Store 80.3km X Photo 4  Song Bo Store close at 5pm
84km X X Wu Kau Tang Store close at 5pm
CP8 Bride's Pool Road 85.6km X X Brides Pool Road - Drink vending machine
Shun Yeung Fung 90.3km X Photo 5
CP9 Hok Tau Reservoir 95.7km X X

End Point
Kam Shek New Village Playground 103.6km X X

**Note: The 50Km and 100Km course are slightly different on the Shing Mun section and Tsuen Kam Highway section.

Photo 1: 起點 (要有號碼布) Start Point must with Race Bib  

Photo 2: Farm Milk Co. Ltd.

Photo 3: 
Fung Ying Seen Koon (Wu Tip Shan Trail)

Photo 4: Song Bo Store

Photo 5: Shun Yeung Fung