8 September 2024
2024VJ Maclehose Trail 45 is an exciting trail running event that will take place on September 8th. 

The event covers a full distance of 45 kilometers, starting from Shui Long Wo and finishing at Rotary Park. For those seeking a slightly shorter challenge, there is also a half-distance option of 22 kilometers, starting from Golden Hill Road. This allows more participants, whether they are experienced runners or recreational enthusiasts, to join in the excitement.

What's even more enticing is the affordable registration fee, especially for those who opt not to purchase the event shoes. This special offer encourages more individuals to participate and enjoy the event.

The 2024VJ Maclehose Trail 45 will take participants through a variety of terrains, including mountain trails, rivers, forests, and grasslands. It promises a thrilling and challenging trail running experience, allowing runners to immerse themselves in the beauty and power of nature.

Whether you are a seasoned trail runner or just starting to explore the world of trail running, the 2024VJ Maclehose Trail 45 offers an unforgettable race experience. It provides an opportunity to showcase your strength and determination while connecting with fellow runners who share the same passion for pushing boundaries.

So, if you're interested in trail running, don't miss the registration for the 2024VJ Maclehose Trail 45. Get ready to embrace this exhilarating challenge and be a part of an incredible trail running journey!

✅Trail Run 越野跑
📌Sep 08, 2024 (Sun)
🏃‍♂️‍➡️Maclehose Trail 麥理浩徑
Section 4-8段 (45KM)
Section 6-8 段(22KM)
👫Solo 個人、Team of 5人組別
 Event information
08 September 2024
Registration closes 30 August 2024 23:59
45 km
Starts at 09:00

Price per participant
Through Jun 30, 2024 464.00 HKD
From Jul 1, 2024 580.00 HKD
22 km
Starts at 12:00

Price per participant
Through Jun 30, 2024 368.00 HKD
From Jul 1, 2024 460.00 HKD
45 km

Price per participant
Through Jun 30, 2024 1,484.00 HKD
From Jul 1, 2024 1,600.00 HKD
22 km

Price per participant
Through Jun 30, 2024 1,368.00 HKD
From Jul 1, 2024 1,460.00 HKD

Blue Mountain

In case of questions about the event please contact Blue Mountain :