Mandatory gear
Each participant will need to carry the following items with them at all times.  There will be random gear checks during the event and if you are missing any item you will incur a penalty which may range from a time penalty to disqualification, depending on the severity of the breach.
a) A mobile phone
b) Two headlamp/torch (with batteries)
c) A whistle
d) An emergency space blanket or equivalent
e) Capacity to carry at least 1.5 litres of water (water bladder or water bottles)
f) 2 energy bars / food portions
g) A Ziploc bag for your personal rubbish
h) Race bib
i) Some cash
j) Cup – No disposable cups will be provided at the checkpoints
k) Utensils (e.g. Chopsticks, fork or spoon)

Recommended items
a) Anti-chafing cream
b) Sunscreen
c) Sun glasses
d) Cap or sun hat
e) Spare socks
f) Spare clothing
g) A spare headlamp/torch (with batteries)
h) Spare batteries
i) First aid kit
j) “Octopus” card

100km Drop Bag storage supply package service
The conference has a supply package storage service at CP4 Fung Ying Seen Koon (42.4K), and you can store supplies by yourself. Subsequent items will not be returned.