24 December 2021 -
28 January 2022
This registration page is for HK100 Flex in Hong Kong. If you are joining Flex from overseas, please register for HK100 Flex Outside Hong Kong instead,

You may take up the challenge by completing the full HK100 Ultra-Trail route (103km) and/or The Half route (56km) and/or The Third route (33km) between 24 Dec 2021 and 28 Jan 2022 (both days inclusive). These routes may be completed in a single attempt (One Go) or multiple efforts (In Stages). It is not necessary to decide between One Go and In Stages upon registration. 

All runs should be recorded using a GPS tracking device that is capable of synchronization with the Strava or Garmin Connect activity tracking portals. When submitting results reference must be made to uploaded tracks.

This is also the results submission page if you completed one of the courses in One Go (a single run). If you completed In Stages (multiple runs), please go to https://raceresults.com.hk/event/233/addresult for results submission. 

此登記平台是供在香港參加Flex使用。如閣下是在香港以外地方參加Flex,請使用HK100 Flex 海外網站報名。

您可於賽事期間選擇挑戰參與全程HK100 Ultra-Trail 路線(103公里)及/或 半程路線(56公里)及/或The Third(33公里)。參加時間由2021年12月24日至2022年1月28日。以上路線可以一次完成(一次性) 或分多次完成(階段式)。此外, 參加者不一定需要在報名時選擇以一次性或階段式完成。

所有用以記錄的GPS裝置必需能與Strava 或 Garmin Connect 進行同步連接。上載成績時必需上傳該路線記錄。
 Event information
24 December 2021
28 January 2022
Registration closes 26 January 2022 23:59
103 km

Price per participant
Price 398.00 HKD
56 km

Price per participant
Price 398.00 HKD
33 km

Price per participant
Price 398.00 HKD

Hong Kong Trail Racing

In case of questions about the event please contact Hong Kong Trail Racing: