17 October 2018


Background 背景:
Co-organized by The Life Underwriters Association of Hong Kong (LUAHK) and The LUA Foundation (LUAF), the “LUA 10K Charity Run” was inaugurated in 2016. With overwhelming responses received from the Charity Run last year, the co-organizers proudly present the LUA LifeCare Charity Run 2018 on October 17, 2018. Embracing the theme of Legacy & Sharing, the LUA LifeCare Charity Run 2018 will promote the good cause of Organ and Policy Donation and the Hong Kong Transplant Sports Association will be the beneficiary of this event. 「保協」及「保協慈善基金」聯合於2016年首次舉辦「保協慈善十公里」。鑑於活動反應熱烈,慈善跑將於本年10月17日於大埔白石角海濱長廊載譽歸來。本屆活動將揉合推廣器官及保單捐贈的大愛精神,並以「傳承.分享」為主題,故此本屆活動將訂名為「保協生命傳愛慈善跑2018」,進一步體現保險服務的意義。而為配合推廣器官及保單捐贈的理念,是次活動之受惠機構將為「香港移植運動協會」。

Race Information 賽事資料:
Individual (Male, Female) 個人組(男、女子組): 3km 公里、10km 公里
Family Team 家庭組: 3km 公里
Group Challenge 團體挑戰: 3km 公里﹑10km 公里

Prize 獎項:
Solo個人 10km公里 / 3km公里
The champion of each group will be awarded a trophy, while the 1st to 4th Runner ups will be awarded a medal.冠軍將獲頒獎盃,而第二至五名將獲頒獎牌。
In addition, there will set up a cash prize for individual 10km top 5 runners.另外,個人組10公里比賽設有獎金給予頭五名跑手。
10km 公里 champion Female/Male 男/女子組冠軍 $5000
10km 公里 1st runner-up Female/Male 男/女子組亞軍 $2000
10km 公里 2nd runner-up Female/Male 男/女子組季軍 $1000
10km 公里 3rd runner-up Female/Male 男女子組第4名 $500
10km 公里 4th runner-up Female/Male 男女子組第5名 $300

Route Course 路線圖:

 Event information
17 October 2018
Pak Shek Kok Promenade 白石角海濱長廊
Hong Kong
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LUA LifeCare Charity Run 保協生命傳愛慈善跑 2018

  • Pak Shek Kok Promenade 白石角海濱長廊
  • Hong Kong