25 March 2018

主辦單位: 香港全能運動學會 Organizers: HK Multisports Association

活動目的:推廣運動文化及家庭同樂,增進友誼和團隊精神,為有需要幫助之團體籌款 Objectives: To promote active lifestyle among families and friends while raise funds for needy organizations, and help to raise fund for charity organization.
*是次活動部份收益,將撥捐受惠機構-國際肌肉骨骼疼痛協會 (慈善團體編號:91/14565) Partial proceeds of the event will be donated to Beneficiary : Multidisciplinary International Association of Musculoskeletal Pain, HK charitable organization No: 91/14565)
比賽地點:薄扶林水塘郊野公園家樂徑 (港島徑段) Race Course: Pokfulam Country Park and Family Walk (Part of HK Trail)
比賽時限:2小時 Time limit: 2 hrs

賽事: 10公里長跑賽、親子尋寶遊戲比賽  Event: 10KM Running Race, Family Treasure Hunt

10公里長跑賽 10KM Running Race

個人組別 (男、女子):(*以比賽當日之年齡作準) Running race Individual Categories: (*Age on race day)
青少年組 Junior(11歲-17歲), 公開組 Open(不限年齡 No Age Limited), 成年組 Senior(18歲-29歲), 高級一組 Master 1(30-39歲), 高級二組 Master 2(40-49歲), 高級三組 Master 3(50-59歲), 高級四組 Master 4(60歲或以上)

四人隊際組別:Running Race 4-pax Team Categories:
男子、女子(不限年齡,必需全隊組員為相同性別)及混合組 (*必需至少一名異性隊員) Men and Women (*no age limit, Must be the same sex) and Mixed Team (* at least one opposite sex players)

10km長跑賽獎項:每組均設有冠、亞、季軍,可以獲得獎座及禮品,第4及5名均可以獲得獎牌及禮品 Awards: Trophies and prizes for the first three positions in each category. Medal and prizes for the 4 and 5 positions in each category.
*凡成功完成賽程者,均可獲得精美紀念証書一張 Who successfully finish the race, will be awarded a commemorative certificate.
慈善抽獎:大會將於頒獎典禮前進行慈善大抽獎,獎品豐富,絕對不容錯過! Charity Lucky Draw: Charity Lucky draw will be held before prize presentation. There are plenty of attractive lucky draw prizes and all entrants are eligible.
紀念品:所有參加長跑賽之參加者,均會獲得大會及其他贊助單位送出精美紀念品乙份 Souvenirs: will be given to all race 10k entrants.

比賽路線 Race route:

親子尋寶遊戲比賽 Family Treasure hunt

參賽人數須由二至三人組成,所有參加者組員必須是家庭之家屬或監護人(18歲或以上)及與至少一名兒童組合而成, 而兒童年齡是介乎2>至10歲。賽程設於薄扶林郊野公園及網球場公園內進行 It will consist of teams of 2-3 family members of which at least a child member aged 2>-10 and a guardian aged 18 or above. Venue at Pokfulam ​country ​park ​and ​tennis ​courts ​HKU 

兒童1組 Kids 1 (2-5歲), 兒童2組 Kids 2 (6-10歲)

大會特設獎項:Extra awards:
*10km全場總冠軍男、女子各一名(全場最快完成賽事之人士,包括隊際組別成員) 10km Overall champion men and woman (audience fastest persons, including in the team categories)
*最活潑大獎一名 (親子尋寶遊戲比賽最年幼參賽者) Most Vital Award (the most senior person in the 10k race)
*最有活力獎一名 (個人長跑比賽最年長參賽者) The loveliest award (Family Treasure hunt in the youngest contestant)

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25 March 2018
Pok Fu Lam Country Park 薄扶林水塘郊野公園
Hong Kong
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薄扶林慈善挑戰盃暨家庭同樂日12th Pokfulam Challenge - Charity Run & Family Day 2018

  • Pok Fu Lam Country Park 薄扶林水塘郊野公園
  • Hong Kong