5 October 2024
The MacLehose Trail is the longest hiking trail in Hong Kong, spanning 100 km and divided into 10 sections. The third to eighth sections are considered the most challenging, with a total elevation gain of 3200 m, earning them the nickname“Double Au”among hikers. Due to their formidable nature, the Double Au sections have become a testing ground for various long-distance trail races. Participants who conquer this segment demonstrate their ability to take on races of 100 km.

The purpose of the“MacLehose Trail Warm-up Race”is to provide hikers preparing for longer trail races with an opportunity to warm up. In addition to individual categories, the race also offers four-person and two-person team divisions, allowing for on-course support personnel and facilitating practical training in teamwork and resupply assistance. Furthermore, We have specially scheduled the event to start at 2:00 pm, enabling participants to experience the challenges of competing at night.

Event Name :  MacLehose Trail Warm-up Race 2024
Event Date : Oct 5-6, 2024 (Saturday- Sunday) 
Start:Pak Tam Chung PHAB Site
Finish: Rotary Park Tsuen Kam Au
Distance : 56 km
Start Time : Oct 5  14:00
Time Limit : 18 hours  


Team of 4 (Men)
Team of 4 (Women)
Team of 4 (Mixed)
Team of 2 (Men) 
Team of 2 (Women)
Team of 2 (Mixed)

Individual Male A :18-35
Individual Male B:36-49
Individual Male C:50+
Individual Female A:18-35
Individual Female B:36-49
Individual Female C:50+ 

Additionally, there will be a category for teams of 4 with a total age of 220 or above, and a category for teams of 4 with a total age of 120 or below. All teams of 4 that meet the respective age restrictions will automatically compete in one of these categories simultaneously without affecting their original category awards.

All those who finish the race within the time limit will be able to download a certificate free of charge from the results.


1.   The number of awards for each category, excluding the 220+ and 120- categories, is as follows:

     1-3 individuals/teams : 1 award
     4-6 individuals/teams : 2 awards
     7-39 individuals/teams : 3 awards
     40-49 individuals/teams : 4 awards
     50-59 individuals/teams : 5 awards
     60-69 individuals/teams : 6 awards
     70-79 individuals/teams : 7 awards
     80+ individuals/teams : 8 awards

2.  220+ and 120- categories : 1 award
3.  The remaining participants who complete the competition within the time limit will receive a completion award.
4.  "MacLehose Trail Warm-up Race 2024" is an event accredited by both ITRA and UTMB, which allows participants to obtain 3 ITRA points and UTMB Index.

 Event information
05 October 2024
Registration closes 4 October 2024 00:00
56 km
Starts at 14:00

Price per participant
Price 680.00 HKD
56 km
Starts at 14:00

Price per team
Price 1,280.00 HKD
56 km
Starts at 14:00

Price per team
Price 2,480.00 HKD

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