Fat Mak Trail Race

Fat Mak Trail Race

17 March 2024
Fat Mak Trail Race (FMTR in short) is a trail running race in which the name is inspired by a big rock called "Fat Mak Rock" in the route.

"Fat Mak Rock" sits in the middle section of Tai Shing Stream (KK05288090) with Chinese characters 肥佬麥 (meaning Fat Mak Rock) painted on it. Some netizens pointed out that the paint "Fat Mak Rock" has been appeared as early as 1975. If it is true, it means that "Fat Mak Rock" has a history for nearly 50 years! There is no idea why "Fat Mak Rock" was written or there is any story behind. The interesting name of "Fat Mak Rock" not only makes the rock famous for check-in, but also provides design element for the race.

The race requires runners to run within the trails inside Tai Mo Shan and Shing Mun Country Park with some moderate climbing. The race has two distances, 14km and 35km, the start and finish are both at Butterfly Paradise.

Race Pack
Race bib, Fat Mak Trail Race quick dry race tee (The illustration of the tee is made by H. Sasaki, our designer in Japan), Hammer FIZZ

Finisher Gifts
Fat Mak Trail Race X 10Mountain socks Urayama Beer socks (is a crossover version with 10Mounain Japan), finisher medal, e-cert

Prizes will be given to the top 5 winners & 3 teams of each category/gender for Solo and Team of 2 respectively. Fabulous prizes include Brooks, VAGA, Hammer Nutrition merchandise sponsored by Active Brands Asia Ltd.

Overall Champ
Brooks Caldera 7 trail running shoes (HK$1,150), Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem 32 servings (HK$570), Hammer Nutrition Recoverite 32 servings (HK$750)

1st place
Brooks Caldera 7 trail running shoes (HK$1,150) ​

2nd & 3rd place
VAGA Club cap (HK$320), Hammer Endurolytes Extreme (HK$320) ​

4th & 5th place
VAGA Club cap (HK$320)

Mini bus #82 from Tsuen Wan Shiu Wo Street to Shing Mun Reservoir, then 5 mins walk
 Event information
17 March 2024
Registration closes 14 March 2024 00:00
14 km
Starts at 09:00

Price per participant
Through Jan 8, 2024 420.00 HKD
From Jan 9, 2024 480.00 HKD
35 km

Price per participant
Through Jan 8, 2024 520.00 HKD
From Jan 9, 2024 580.00 HKD
35 km
Starts at 09:00

Price per team
Through Jan 8, 2024 1,040.00 HKD
From Jan 9, 2024 1,160.00 HKD


In case of questions about the event please contact NRNG: