24 September 2023

HOT25 physcial race is back - with 2 distances, 27k and 10k!

The HOT25 category is once again 27km, but would be run in reverse - starting from Three Garden Road in Central, up the peak then back to Tai Tam for some wild trail running and streamtrekking ! There's a route revision around the Mid-levels - you go straight up the Peak via Old Peak Road and no longer go through Cheung Po Chai Ancient Path. Descend the Peak via Guildford Road, and down to HK Trail 3 before joining the 2022 course at Wanchai Gap. The course in reverse still traces the city boundary of the old Victoria City, goes through more monuments and iconic views. Now that it's in reverse, you can get the peak over with early, then run our course which is 80% tree-covered, and dip yourself into Siu Ma Stream to cool down before climbing Jardine's.

There is also the 10k - which will use the last 10km of the HOT25 course - which will be the last race of the physcial Victoria 10 Series: Parker Pony.  The V10 Parker Pony would be run in a loop, starting  from Tai Tam BBQ site and ends at the same place, going up Mount Parker Road to tackle the Quarry Gap, up Mount Butler and Siu Ma Shan (Pony Hill), then descend into the streamtrekking of Siu Ma Stream, get refilled at Mount Butler radio station before doing one last climb up Jardine's. The race ends back in Tai Tam BBQ site.  

When you practice, there will be adequate water refill points and vending machines along the way! 

 Event information
24 September 2023
Registration is closed
27 km
Starts at 09:00

Price per participant
Through Aug 7, 2023 448.00 HKD
From Aug 8, 2023 560.00 HKD
10 km
Starts at 10:00

Price per participant
Through Aug 7, 2023 336.00 HKD
From Aug 8, 2023 420.00 HKD

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