18 February 2023 -
19 February 2023

Pre-registration for HK100 (103km) 抽籤預先登記HK100全程(103公里)

HK100 will be held on Saturday and Sunday 18 and 19 February 2023.

Participants of Hong Kong 100 Flex On Course - Full (103km) in January 2021 are entitled to pre-register for the ballot and get an extra ballot slot to double your chances of getting a coveted guaranteed place on the start line of the next edition of HK100. To claim this slot please make sure you use you use the invitation link that has been sent to you by e-mail. Extra ballot slots are also being offered to registrants of Flex 2023 who sign up prior to the ballot entry deadline at midnight on Thursday 15 December. To claim these extra slots you should enter the Signup ID sent to you when signing up for Flex.

Results of the ballot will be announced on Tuesday 20 December.   

HK100 全程將於2023年2月18及19日(星期六及日)舉行。

2021 年 1 月參加香港 100 Flex On Course - Full(103 公里)的參賽者有權預先登記抽籤並獲得額外的抽籤名額,令您可以有兩倍機會於HK100起跑線上佔一席位。如要申請,請您使用通過電子郵件發送給您的邀請鏈結。如在 12 月 15 日星期四23:59的抽籤截止日期之前註冊 Flex 2023 也獲得額外的抽籤名額。

抽籤結果將於 12 月 20 日星期二公佈。
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18 February 2023
19 February 2023
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