24 September 2022

Physical race is back! While we are waiting for the 2023 Victoria 162 flagship to be approved, we are now launching the summer version of H25 - the HOT25 on Sep 24 (Saturday)!  Overlapping some of the H25 race course, the HOT25 also traces the city boundary of Victoria City, go through more historical monuments and iconic views. With safety on our mind and striving to avoid overheating, we designed the course with 80% tree shades, adequate water refill points and vending machines, and sandwiching some streamtrekking in between climbs to get you cooled down! 

Starting at Parkview, climbing to Quarry Gap and up Butler, the course descend Siu Ma Shan and keep heading north via Walker Street signal station, then runners would stream-trace the Siu Ma Stream, exiting at the Mount Butler Radio station.

After refilling, the climb up to Jardine awaits and CP2 is at Wong Nai CHung reservoir. The long runnable stretch follows: Tai Hang Road - Bowen Road - Dutch Lane, with a steep climb of Wanchai Gap Road in between. CP3 is at the end of Dutch Lane, then comes the challenging climb all the way up Victoria Peak's reservoir via Chatham Path, Peak Tower and Mount Austin Road. Last refill is at the Peak food kiosk.

Steep descend follows along Governer's walk and Hatton Road. And you would run the Cheung Po Tsai Ancient Path back to Old Peak Road, after which a sharp descend through various contour street of mid-levels down to End Point: Three Garden Road at Central. ​

實體賽返嚟啦!等待 Victoria 162 旗艦賽2023回歸之際,9月24日 (星期六) 港島率先回歸 H25 夏日版:HOT25! 夏日賽HOT25路線大致循舊有H25路線 ,在維多利亞城邊界遊走,看更多的歷史與風景。賽會一向注重安全,怕大家炎夏過份暴曬,我們賽道刻意設計有八成樹蔭覆蓋,沿路有水源,汽水機,還可走入山澗降溫!
陽明山莊起步後,經大風坳登畢拿小馬,在Walker Street 訊號站輕闖林,轉入小馬坑溯澗!
山頂同樂徑由克頓道落龍虎山,經克頓道界石出寶珊道,有力的話全跑維城的中段邊界 — 張保仔古道,到舊山頂道維城界碑之後穿越一條又一條半山等高馬路,到花園道3號結束。

 - Notice to Runners -

* 8/31 : Latest Update: 599G exemption has been obtained.

* 8/29 : Eligibility Update: Runners are required to have complied with "Vaccine Pass" requirements  ( /  )  14 days prior to race start.  Such vaccination proof should be uploaded upon registration; if your status of vaccine is scheduled or happened to change after registration and before race start, the updated proof should be submitted along with the Health Declaration form on race date. 

Prior to proceeding to start line, runners must: 
   1) present Blue QR code after scanning LeaveHomeSafe,
   2) present the negative PCR COVID-19 test result with test being done within 48 hours of race start;
   3) present the negative RAT test result kit or the picture of such, taken on the morning of the race and; 
   4) present the pre-filled in Health declaration form.

- 賽會公告 -
* 8/31 更新:賽事已獲得第599G章豁免.
* 8/29 報名資格更新:  跑手必須於賽事日期前14天符合政府之"疫苗通行證"之要求 ( /  ),疫苗接種紀錄需在報名時呈交,如在報名後及開賽前有安排疫苗接種,或紀錄有變相關紀錄需要在開賽日健康申報表內上載呈交。

  1) 掃瞄安心出行顯示藍碼,
  2) 出示開賽48小時內進行的核酸檢測 (PCR) 陰性結果短訊或截圖, 
  3) 出示開賽當日早上進行的快速測試 (RAT) 陰性結果檢測劑或圖片, 
  4) 出示已填寫之健康申報表。  

 Event information
24 September 2022
大潭二號燒烤場 Tai Tam Barbecue Site No. 2
Hong Kong
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  • 大潭二號燒烤場 Tai Tam Barbecue Site No. 2
  • Hong Kong