17 December 2021 -
23 January 2022
活動以鯉魚門為核心主題 ,讓熊貓家族成員帶大家遊走鯉魚門這個超過150年歷史漁村.由鯉魚門牌坊走到鯉魚門盡頭石壙場遺址 , 經過不少歷史古跡及打卡景點, 如鯉魚門燈塔, 天后宮, 馬環壁畫村, 石礦場遺址等, 適合一家大細觀光郊遊的親子好去處 . 活動紀念禮品包也以鯉魚門主題設計 , 極具本土文化特色 , 大家萬勿錯過.

With Lei Yue Mun as the core theme, the panda family will lead everyone to Lei Yue Mun, a fishing village with a history of more than 150 years. From the archway of Lei Yue Mun to the ruins of Old Lei Yue Mun Quarry, pass by many historical sites and selfie attractions, such as Lei Yue Mun Coast Light House, Lei Yue Mun Tin Hau Temple, Ma Wan Mural Village, Old Lei Yue Mun Quarry Site etc. Lei Yue Mun is a good place for parents and children for a family sightseeing outing. The event souvenirs pack are also designed with the theme of Lei Yue Mun, which are local cultural characteristics. Don't miss it.

活動日期 Event Date :17/12/2021-23/01/2022
領取活動紀念禮品包 Collect Souvenirs Pack: 17/12/2021-20/01/2022
上傳成績 Upload Result:17/12/2021-31/01/2022
領取完賽禮物 Collect finisher gifts: 28/01/2022-13/02/2022
早鳥優惠 Early Bird Price 03/12/2021 -31/12/2021

悠遊個人組 Leisure Solo ( 1人): $240 (早鳥價/Early Bird Price )$280 (正價/Original Price )
雙腳齊飛組 Double Side Kick(2人): $420 (早鳥價/Early Bird Price )$480 (正價/Original Price )
親親家庭組 Sweet Family (3人): $600 (早鳥價/Early Bird Price )$680 (正價/Original Price )

活動紀念禮品包Souvenirs Pack

立即登入www.actionpanda.hk 註冊成為會員,網上購物即可享有會員最高七折優惠!

另外,在結帳時輸入“PandaRun” 即可享有額外5%一次性折扣優惠(電子產品除外)。

凡報名Panda Run 2021活動其間,參加者憑號碼布可於以下店舖及食肆享用優惠
(1) 於鯉魚門紹香園總店消費滿$300 , 即減$20
(2) 於鯉魚門海天宴會廳 / 快樂漁港酒家惠顧可免費享用椰汁桂花榚 , 生果及海鮮湯(數量有限, 換完即止)
(3) 於觀塘蛋哥小店惠顧可享9折餐飲優惠

活動完成後上傳3張相片打卡拍照相片於Race Timing Solutions .
-(1)起點鯉魚門牌坊 (2)鯉魚門石壙場 (3) 自選建議打卡點
-悠遊個人組 1人相片, 雙腳齊飛組為2人相片, 親親家庭組為3人相片

Log in to www.actionpanda.hk to register as a member, and you can enjoy up to 30% discount for members on online shopping!

In addition, enter "PandaRun" at the checkout to enjoy an extra 5% one-time discount (except for electronic products).

During the event, participants with their bibs can enjoy discounts at the following shops and restaurants including
(1) At the Lei Yue Mun Shiu Heung Yuen Main Store spend $300 or more to get $20 off
(2) At Lei Yue Mun Monet Garden / Happy Seafood Restaurant to eat , you can enjoy coconut milk osmanthus jelly, fruits and seafood soup for free (limited quantities, while stocks last) .
(3) Enjoy a 10% discount on food and beverages when patronizing Egg for All
at Kwun Tong.

-Participants check in and take photos at the designated starting point, Lei Yue Mun Archway and the end point, Lei Yue Mun Quarry with bibs.
-And halfway through, choose one of the recommended check-in points with bibs to take pictures.

After the activity is completed, upload 3 selfie photos to Race Timing Solutions.
Upload photo request
-(1) Starting point Lei Yue Mun Archway (2) Lei Yue Mun Quarry (3) Optional check-in points.
-Check-in and selfie photos should be clear with the bib to take photos.
- Leisure Solo photo for 1 person, double side kick group photo for 2 persons, Sweet Family group photo for 3 persons.

完賽禮物Finisher Gifts

完成禮物於28/01/2022-13/02/2022於Action Panda 運動用品專門店領取
-4R紀念相框+活動相片4R ( 自選建議打卡點相片)

地址: Action Panda 運動用品專門店 - 觀塘道觀塘工業中心第二期四樓 P 室
時間: 12:00pm - 9:00pm (星期一至星期五)
         12:00pm - 7:00pm (星期六至星期日)

Finisher gifts will be collected on 28/01/2022-13/02/2022.
- Success Night Stand
- 4R Photo Frame + Event Photo(Optionally recommended check-in photos)

Address: Flat P, 4/F, Phase 2, Kwun Tong Industrial Centre, 460-470 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong
Time: 12:00pm - 9:00pm (Mon - Fri)
          12:00pm - 7:00pm (Sat - Sun)

 Event information
17 December 2021
23 January 2022
HK Lei Yue Mun
Hong Kong
See map below
Registration is closed
Starts at 23:59

Price per participant
Through Dec 31, 2021 240.00 HKD
From Jan 1, 2022 280.00 HKD
Starts at 23:59

Price per participant
Through Dec 31, 2021 420.00 HKD
From Jan 1, 2022 480.00 HKD
Starts at 23:59

Price per participant
Through Dec 31, 2021 600.00 HKD
From Jan 1, 2022 680.00 HKD

Sky Sportage

In case of questions about the event please contact Sky Sportage:


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