1 May 2021 -
30 June 2021
首1,000 名參加者名額已滿 ,感謝大家踴躍支持.其後1001-1200 名參加者只可領取基本選手包.

The quota for the first 1,000 participants is full, thank you for your support.
From 1001-1200 participants can only receive the basic race pack.

今年是香港中華基督教青年會(YMCA)成立120周年,本會將聯同沙田浸信會舉辦 YMCA 120周年虛擬跑-Run For Better Life ,藉此慶祝120周年會慶。

今年更開放給非會友參加, 讓一眾會友及大眾可以在任何時間、地方,隨時隨地參與是次YMCA 120周年慶典活動。參加者除了可以參與12KM 歡樂跑之外, 更可以參與競逐挑戰組 120 KM 組別大獎。

立即報名參加,全城起動慶祝 YMCA 120 周年會慶,Run For Better Life。

This year marks the 120th anniversary of the establishment of the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong (YMCA). As part of our celebrations we are hosting the YMCA 120th Anniversary Virtual Run - Run For Better Life, together with Sha Tin Baptist Church.

It is open for entry to non-members, so that members and the public can participate in the YMCA 120th Anniversary Celebrations by running anytime, anywhere. In addition to entering the 12km Happy Run, runners may also opt to compete in the 120km Challenge.

Sign up now to join the whole city in celebrating the 120th anniversary of YMCA by taking part in Run For Better Life.

名額 :1200人
Quota: 1200 places

$120 (青少年 18歲以下 )
$150 (個人組 18歲或以上)
$250 (親子組2人收費)
2021 年 4月 12 日至 2021 年 5月 31 日 (額滿即止)
Registration Fee:
$120 (individual youth under 18)
$150 (individual adults 18 or over)
$250 (1 parent and 1 child 12 or under)
Registration Period:
12 April to 31 May (until quota reached)

Running Period:
1 May 2021 to 20 June (120km)
1 May 2021 to 30 June (12km)

Running Location: Anywhere

YMCA 120周年虛擬跑選手包:
YMCA 120th Anniversary Virtual Run race pack includes:
(1) 速乾排汗紀念T恤 Quick-dry Souvenir Tee
(2) 環保水樽Environmental Water Bottle
(3) 運動毛巾 Sports Towel
(4) 紀念號碼布扣Bib Buckle
(5) 紀念賽事包 Event Bag
(6) 虛擬跑號碼布 Virtual Run Bib


**紀念T恤一旦報名成功, 不可更改呎吋**
**Tee size cannot be changed after registration**

YMCA 120周年虛擬跑選手包
Limited edition gifts to first 1,000 sign ups only
另外亦感謝以下贊助商支持YMCA 120周年慶典活動, 贊助以下禮品( 只限首1,000 名參加者, 先報先得,送完即止):
Many thanks to our sponsors for supporting YMCA’s 120th Anniversary Celebrations by donating the following items:
⦁ 寶礦力運動飲品500ml Pocari Sweat Sports Drink 500ml
⦁ 卓營方70%酒精搓手液 或 葡萄糖胺關節修護軟霜試用裝(隨機分發)
Yes Nutri 70% alc Hand Sanitizer Gel or YesNutri Glucosamine – Chondroitin Joints Cream Tester (random distribution)
⦁ GoodMask 獨立包裝口罩(5片) GoodMask Individually Packaged Masks (5 pcs)
⦁珮氏驅蚊爽噴霧 30ml Pearl's Mosquito Spray 30ml
⦁ 普施健凝凍啫喱及肌肉止痛膏試用裝 Perskindol Cool & Classic Gel Tester
⦁ 健美生維他命C500毫克橙味咀嚼片試食裝 Jamieson Vitamin C + Zinc 500mg (Natural Tangy Orange) Chewable Tablets

完賽禮物 (完成12KM距離跑)
Finisher Gifts (for completing 12km)

⦁ 完賽紀念獎牌 Finisher Medal
⦁ 紀念防水袋 Souvenir Waterproof Bag
⦁ 完賽電子證書 Finisher e-Certificate

120km Challenge Category Awards

男子青年組18歲以下 (5名)
女子青年組18歲以下 (5名)
男子個人公開組18歲或以上 (5名)
女子個人公開組18歲或以上 (5名)
男子個人先進組45歲或以上 (5名)
女子個人先進組45歲或以上 (5名)
親子組 , 子女年齡12歲或以下 (5名)
*此組別之計算方式以一對親子作單位,一同完成 120公里
Youth : under 18
Male (5 people)
Female (5 people)
Male between 18 and 44 (5 people)
Female between 18 and 44 (5 people)
Male 45 or over (5 people)
Female 45 or over (5 people)
Parent & Kid
5 teams
**Must be same parent and child combination completing the whole distance together.
 Event information
01 May 2021
01 June 2021
30 June 2021
Registration is closed
12 km

Price per participant
Price 150.00 HKD
12 km

Price per participant
Price 250.00 HKD
12 km

Price per participant
Price 120.00 HKD

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