15 September 2020 -
6 November 2020
ZERO Edition Virtual Cross Frog Run

疫情期間大家總有千萬個理由想偷懶,疏於操練 , ZERO Edition Virtual Cross Frog Run,希望再次激 動大家運動起來。 原來橫越香港島(青蛙)不是一件遙不可及的事,只要肯起動,大家可以用腳步感受一下由港島西跑 去港島東的趣味。

Trust me, I know that we have all been a bit lazy during the pandemic, and gave ourselves hundreds of reasons to stop practicing. Therefore, let me introduce to you “ZERO Edition Virtual Cross Frog Run”! It’s time to get excited and get our adrenaline pumping again. It turns out that crossing Hong Kong Island (Frog) is not as hard as you think. As long as you are willing to start, embrace Mother Nature, and you will find running from one end of the Island to another a piece of cake.

比賽路線 : 摩星嶺白屋(現芝加哥大學香港校園) -> 摩星嶺徑 -> 碧珊徑 -> 龍虎山健身徑 -> 夏力道 -> 山頂 廣場 -> 白加道 -> 馬己仙峽 -> 灣仔峽 -> 布力徑 -> 中峽 -> 大潭水塘道 -> 大潭上水塘 -> 港島 林道-美景路段 -> 石澳道 -> 哥連臣山段 -> 馬塘坳 -> 砵甸乍山郊遊徑 -> 龍躍徑 -> 龍躍亭 -> 小西灣海濱公園,共 20 公里

Competition route is as follows: Mount Davis White House (now the University of Chicago Hong Kong campus) -> Mount Davis Trail -> Bishan Trail -> Dragon Tiger Mountain Fitness Trail -> Harley Road -> Peak Plaza -> Barker Road -> Magazine Gap- > Wan Chai Gap -> Link Path-> Central Gap -> Tai Tam Reservoir Road -> Tai Tam Sheung Reservoir -> Hong Kong Island Forest Road-Scenic Section -> Shek O Road -> Corrence Hill Section -> Ma Tong Au- >Pottinger Hill Country Trail-> The Traveler -> The Traveler Pavilion -> Siu Sai Wan Waterfront Park, 20 kilometers in total

1. 建議參加者請自備最少 1000ml 飲料、少許食物、電話、少量現金及八達 通。
2. 所有參加者需要展示號碼布於地標拍照打咭作為紀錄 , 及虛擬跑上載至大 會。
3. 請各位參加者起步前仔細研究大會提供的路線及利用手機下載路線作導航用 途.。
4. 參加者必須沿著大會路線進行活動,及在指定地點拍照打咭, 完成里數不得 少於大會路線的里數, 如大會發現走捷徑及不依照大會指定路線完成虛擬跑 , 大會有權不給予完賽禮品。
5. 參加者橫過馬路時必須遵守交通指示及留意路面情況。
6. 參加者如遇惡劣天氣及身體不適 , 建議立即終止活動。
7. 如遇緊急情況,請馬上撥打主辦單位緊急聯絡電話 9087 0109
8. 主辦機構建議參加者自行購買個人意外保險,主辦單位對參加者安全一概不 負責任。
9. 大會擁有修改以上規則的權利。

General Rules
1. Participants are advised to bring at least 1000ml of drinks, small amount of food, telephone, a small amount of cash and Octopus Card.
2. All participants must bring their number bib and display the bib at the checkpoint to take photos and print cards as records. Photos should be uploaded to the virtual run conference.
3. Participants should carefully study the route provided by the organiser and download the route to your mobile phone before starting.
4. Participants must follow the route from the organiser and take photos and cards at the designated checkpoint. The mileage recorded must not be less than the mileage of the route provided by the organiser. If the participant uses shortcuts and does not follow the virtual run designated route, the organiser reserves the right to refuse distributing souvenirs to the participant.
5. Participants must follow the traffic instructions and pay attention to the road conditions when crossing the road.
6. In case of severe weather and physical discomfort, participants are advised to terminate the activity immediately.
7. In case of emergency, please call the organizer's emergency contact number 9087 0109.
8. The organizer recommends that participants to purchase personal accident insurance on their own, and the organizer is not responsible for the safety of participants.
9. The organiser has the right to modify the above rules.