1 February 2021 -
15 February 2021
This is the site for submisssion of daily run results for the 5-day Alpine challenge

Results submission - Key points
A. Each team is made up of 2 members (including at least 1 female) and will be assigned a different results submission edit code for each day of competition.
B. On each day, both members are able to contribute a run to achieve the combined target distance or elevation gain stipulated for that day.
C. A GPS track should be recorded for each contributing run. 
D. Run results - comprising distance/elevation, time and an image of the GPS track (displaying distance and elevation gain) - should be submitted on the same day.

Results submission procedures
1. To add results, go to the 'Enter your result' tab and login using your team's edit code.

2. For each run enter the date, distance (km) or elevation gain (metres) as applicable for that day (in the distance field), elapsed time and a screen shot image from your mobile device of your recorded GPS track - see example below. 

13. Go to the 'My overview' tab at any time to review your team's submitted runs, which you may edit or delete (prior to verification).
14. Your submitted results will be reviewed by the organizer.
15. Upon approval, your team's accumulated performance will be displayed under the 'Results' tab.

Any questions?