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28 April 2019

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Nature of Event: A 5km swimming race in the ocean. 活動性質:5公里海上游泳賽

Eligibility: You must be able to complete 5km in 1hr 45 minutes. Entrants may be asked to provide evidence, preferably in the form of previous race results, to prove that they can do this. The organizer reserves the right to refund entries of those that cannot demonstrate this level of proficiency. 乎合資格: 你必須能夠在1小時45分鐘內完成5公里渡海泳。參加者可能會被要求提供證明,最好提供以前的比賽成績去證明自己乎合資格。主辦單位保留退款給不乎合資格選手的權利。

Prizes: Medals for Top 3 in each category (Male / Female, Under 20 / 20-39 / 40-49 / 50 & Over). Trophies for overall champions.  獎項: 每個組別頭3名將獲得獎牌 (男子/女子,20歲或以下 / 20-39 / 40-49 / 50或以上)。總冠軍將會獲得獎杯。

Safety Measures: There will be 3 motorised boats plus kayak support.  Swimmers are required to wear safety buoys, be a member of a regular ocean swimming group or be known to the organizer and may be required to provide proof of competency. In the event of poor water quality, typhoon signal 3 or higher or red/black rainstorm warning or thunderstorm warning the event will be re-scheduled. 安全措施: 將有3艘機動船加皮划艇支援。泳手需要穿著救生圈,作為一個渡海泳群組的成員或主辦單位所認識的選手都可能需要提供能力證明。當遇上水質差、3號或更高風球信號、紅色/黑色暴雨警告、或雷暴警告比賽將會改期。

Race Venue: The Race will start at the VRC at Deep Water Bay. Competitors will swim out towards the north side of Deep Water Bay, past the yellow buoy near the Hong Kong Country Club, then towards the yellow buoy near the pump-house below Ocean Park. From there they will cross Deep Water Bay, swim around the back of Middle Island, up the channel and return to the starting point at Deep Water Bay beach. 比賽場地: 比賽會於深水灣的VRC開始。參加者將游到深水灣北邊,經過香港鄉村俱樂部附近的黃色浮標,然後向海洋公園下方泵室附近的黃色浮標。然後穿過深水灣,再游到熨波洲背面附近,向上游及回到深水灣海灘的起點。

Course map: 比賽路線:


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28 April 2019
Victoria Recreation Club, Deep Water Bay 深水灣, Hong Kong
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  • Victoria Recreation Club, Deep Water Bay 深水灣
  • Hong Kong

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