21 September 2018 -
21 September 2019

MSIG Trail Running Series - 2-race special (Pat Sin Leng, Mui Wo) 兩場賽事 (八仙嶺,梅窩)

MSIG Hong Kong has partnered with The GreenRace to introduce the MSIG Trail Running Series 2019, a meaningful new challenge that showcases the city’s spectacular and unique country parks. The trail running events that make up the Series offer UTMB qualifying points. Runners will have access to their rankings throughout the Series on a dedicated page: www.MSIGTrailSeries.com. Series Participants can look forward to enjoying signature event venues and the beautiful trails of Hong Kong Island, the New Territories and Lantau Island. The Series will conclude with a year-end celebration recognising the Series winners, participants, volunteers and key sponsors. The top overall Series male and female win a Racing The Planet - 4 Deserts entry
香港MSIG與GreenRace合作,為你介紹MSIG越野系列賽2019,一個具意義的新挑戰展示了這個城市壯觀而獨特的郊野公園。這些越野跑賽組成了系列賽並提供UTMB認證分數。跑手可以在專用頁面上訪問整個系列賽中的排名:www.MSIGTrailSeries.com。系列參加者可以期待享受標誌性的比賽場地和香港島,新界和大嶼山的美麗山徑。系列賽將以年終慶典結束,以表彰系列賽的獲獎者,參賽者,志願者和主要贊助商。 系列賽男子和女子第一將會贏得了Racing The Planet - 4 Deserts的參賽名額。

By registering for last 2 races of the series at the same you will save HK$100 per race. If you would like to choose a different mix of distances than the 2-race special caters for, then please register use the individual race registration pages.同時登記系列賽餘下的二場賽事,每場獲減港幣$100登記費。如你希望選擇不同距離的配搭而不是三場賽事的長/短距離套餐,請到個別賽事的登記網頁登記。Dates, venues and distances for the 2 remaining races in the series are 系列賽餘下二場賽事的日期、地點、距離為:

 Event information
21 September 2018
03 November 2018
21 September 2019
Pat Sin Leng 八仙嶺, Mui Wo 梅窩, Hong Kong
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The Green Race

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